Our Customers

Expert Electropolishing, Inc. has done work for Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson, Mecedes-Benz,
Nabrisco, Nascar as well as other national and locally owned companies.
 Our Knowledge and ingenuity means that any part large or small will leave our facility with a quality finish that we are proud of.
   "We also offer our 02 cleaning process
which is designed to remove weld scale as well as passivating the parts".
Our Passivation Processes
Passivation is also offered at Expert Electropolishing, Inc.
Our dip is another process designed to prevent corrosion of stainless steel by means of oxidizing and dissolving the impurities on the surface of the metal. We  then rinse away the particles with deionized water leaving the metal with a passive film seal, making the metal rust proof.
Passivation offers another way to increase the life of the metal  while sanitizing it to meet specifications set forth in many industries such as the medical and water treatment industries as well as meeting important ISO and ASTM requirements.